Check out three new "Fan Exclusive" songs from Denni-Lee's debut cd "Reflections"!! 

1. Ridin' Shotgun With Clyde
2. Little Black Dancin' Dress
3. Falling Like Rain



Last Night As Single - This song was written for my son's fiance. The excitement of the wedding plans and the glow in her cheeks reminded me that there will always be a right of passage for women prior to marriage. In North America it happens to be a night out with the girls!

A Little Downtime - I woke up one morning thinking that life is so busy on a day to day basis and how much I had to accomplish that day. After daydreaming about living in a hut on a beach, I realized that too much of the sand and surf could get very boring. A couple weeks, however, would be just fine .... ah yes, a little downtime. The melody was co-written with Sarah Beth Keeley, my wonderful, talented friend.

So You Can Love Me - The ideas for this song came to me at four in the morning. Together with my co-writer and friend Sarah Beth Keeley, we polished those ideas at a much more reasonable time of the day!!!!

The First Dance - The inspiration for this song came from my son who is getting married this year … oh where does the time go!!!! Again this piece took shape as Sarah Beth Keeley and I refined it to what you now hear. We felt it was time for a song about mothers and sons!!

Fightin' Back - The song was written as a tribute to Miss Elly Armour, (a friend of Denni's and a survivor of domestic violence) and responds to the newly released book "The War On Women" written by Brian Vallee. "Vallee uses Armour's life story and other case studies, including (Jane) Hurshman's, to prove the need for a dramatic shakeup in North American legislative, law-enforcement, and judicial approaches to domestic criminal violence."

It is meant as an inspirational song dedicatd to the survivors of domestic violence as well as to those who are still trapped in a life of violence and seeking the strength to change their situation.

Boy Toy - What can I say about this song? It is how every girl feels when her best friend has been hurt by some uncaring guy … oh the wrath of women!! Seriously now … it was written in fun.